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Custom Made Darts - Tungsten Darts

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Please contact us with your design details before placing your order.



We are making Custom Made Darts, but please contact us first with your design requirements before placing your order as some designs we cannot do.

We are NOT able to re-produce the Pixel grip and Cortex grip.


All custom made darts cost the same irrespective of the design or tungsten %. The only additional costs would be for specialist points listed above.

Before finalising and placing your order please e-mail your design/requirements to sales@madhousedarts.co.uk and we will advise accordingly.

There is generally a lead time of 3-4 working days for handmade darts, this does increase during busy periods (November - March), please e-mail us for the most up to date lead time.

Points to Remember When Designing Darts:

  • Indicate shape
  • Show the grip pattern (Ring, Micro, Shark, Purist etc.)
  • Add dimensions (Length, Diameter, Grip Spacing etc.)
  • Weight
  • % of Tungsten (80%, 90% or 95%)
  • Points

Standard Tungsten Billet Sizes and Weights Available Pre-Manufacture:

5.65mm x 56.00mm Long - 21.63g (80%), 24.16g (90%) and 25.56g (95%)
6.00mm x 54.60mm Long - 23.75g (80%), 26.53g (90%) and 28.07g (95%)
6.35mm x 54.60mm Long - 26.57g (80%), 29.68g (90%) and 31.41g (95%)
6.73mm x 54.60mm Long - 29.81g (80%), 33.30g (90%) and 35.24g (95%)
7.14mm x 54.60mm Long - 33.61g (80%), 37.55g (90%) and 39.74g (95%)
7.94mm x 52.00mm Long - 38.51g (80%), 43.04g (90%) and 45.55g (95%)
8.74mm x 50.80mm Long - 46.60g (80%), 52.09g (90%) and 55.13g (95%)

Please Note: We are not able to add coatings to dart barrels as this is a process designed for mass produced darts sets of 100+


MadHouse Darts

I sent in my design requirements and the darts I was sent were spot on even down to the specified depth for the points. Superb workmanship and an absolute steel for this price. I am in the U.S. and I had my darts within 7 working days. Will be ordering my soft tips next. Thank you Antony and keep up the great work.

Absolutely amazing service from madhouse already had two sets delivered in record time. Workmanship is truly 1st class, real perfectionist. Will be calling in this weekend to order a 3rd set.
Thanks for the amazing service.

What a brilliant service, darts paid for by paypal on a Thursday and they arrived the following Tuesday , and monday was a bank Holiday !!!
Very very impressed with both the darts and the service.

As always, spot on weight & dimensions.
Excellent service and workmanship from Madhouse!

Tony hit this one out of the park!!! Incredible work, exactly what I designed. And I am officially ruined...nothing but custom darts from here on out!! They are so good in fact, I may have to challenge him in the future. Thanks again!!

Received the darts yesterday. They are awesome. I knew I made the right choice on which shop to have make them!

I received my custom darts a couple of weeks ago and I am extremely happy with my darts. They were made exactly to my specifications and to the highest of standards.

Communication with Tony throughout the process was brilliant and he was happy to make a slight modification for me right at the last moment. If only everybody offered such a high standard of customer service.

Overall, I could not be happier with my purchase and I am now arranging for another set of my custom darts to keep as spare. I will never purchase a set of mass produced darts again.

Custom darts are definitely the way to go.

Thank you Tony.

Absolutely perfect darts but that in itself creates a problem. Now you can't blame your equipment if you have a bad game because the darts are flawless.
Thank you so very much.

The darts that were made for me arrived yesterday, exactly what I needed. They feel great. The extra weight will help my shaky hands. Thanks for your quick service. I tried to have them made here in the states but everyone I contacted said they will contact me later. After two months from not hearing from them, I tried MadHouse Darts. Great Service!!

Got my darts in the post this morning, was not disappointed.

Excellent craftsmanship, top quality, just as I had wanted.

Can not recommend highly enough, if you are considering a set of customs you won't go wrong with Madhousedarts.